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Taking on the Akeidah

I had an opening, with the help and support of some holy chevrei, to take on Binding of Isaac and accompanying meditations that occupy a conspicuous space during the morning blessings. This is what came out. My God and the God of … Continue reading

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Romancing the Scroll

Reposting this from last year in honor of this week’s Torah portion, Ekev … So Here’s the Backstory. My husband and I are now devoted groupies of an organization called Nehirim, from a Hebrew word for “lights.” Founded by author … Continue reading

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Jewels of Elul: The Art of Beginning … Again … and Again

“This post is part of Jewels of Elul, which celebrates the Jewish tradition to dedicate the 29 days of the month of Elul to growth and discovery in preparation for the coming high holy days. This year the program is … Continue reading

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This Is It.

These will be among my last words as a gentile. Step One of Three Yesterday I locked myself in one of our rabbi’s offices with another member of our congregation, a very gentle man, an OB/GYN and certified mohel, trained … Continue reading

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The Prayer Problem

Setting aside time every day for prayer is one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. It’s like learning how to sit up straight all the time. You try your best, but more often than not, you come up short. … Continue reading

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Sim Shalom. Praying for Peace.

Judaism is pretty open to intercessory prayer — asking God, both in private and in public moments, to intervene in earthly events for healing, for peace, for justice. At the center of the daily liturgy, the Amidah (standing) prayers, are … Continue reading

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How It All Started

THE BASICS Location: St. Louis, Missouri Religious Upbringing: Christian by osmosis, I guess. Spiritual Home Base: Central Reform Congregation A String of What I Thought Were Random Occurrences Led Me to Judaism The most immediate random occurrence was a suggestion … Continue reading

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