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Now Blogging for the Jerusalem Post!

My first of what will be at least a twice-a-month gig just went live today: Let My People Marry: Parashat Va’eira It’s a reworked version of a piece I posted on this site last year. Next up: Reflections from Jews … Continue reading

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Educating Shim’on: The Road to Hebrew

Why Hebrew Will Break Your Heart Before It Lets You Start Loving It See Part I: The Road to Hebrew. In this series, I talk about Biblical and Modern Hebrew more or less interchangeably. In most ways, they are, though … Continue reading

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Educating Shim’on: The Road to Hebrew

לחנך את שימעון – הדרך לעברית Part 1. I Sorta Think My Whole Life Has Led Me to This Point. I started learning Hebrew in earnest back in 2008 or so, around the time I began the formal part of … Continue reading

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