Taking on the Akeidah

I had an opening, with the help and support of some holy chevrei, to take on Binding of Isaac and accompanying meditations that occupy a conspicuous space during the morning blessings. This is what came out.

My God and the God of my ancestors,
My limbs, my heart, the tips of my fingers buzz with creation.
This body is Your instrument
Ready to move
On the knife’s edge of action.

My God and the God of my ancestors calls out,
Avraham, Avraham
Which one am I?
Do I put forth my hand?
Do I not?

Ribbono shel olam,
If I step beck, will I tip the balance of mercy?
If I move, will I doom us all?
And if the angel calls, will I hear?

Ribon kol haOlamim,
This body, my breath, my vanities
I empty them before You
All that is left is hineini

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