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Romancing the Scroll

Reposting this from last year in honor of this week’s Torah portion, Ekev … So Here’s the Backstory. My husband and I are now devoted groupies of an organization called Nehirim, from a Hebrew word for “lights.” Founded by author … Continue reading

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Romancing the Scroll II

I think it’s official now, so I might as well admit it. My name is Michael, and I am a leynaholic. Leyn or leynen is an old Yiddish word that just means ‘to read,’ but when used in English, the word … Continue reading

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Let My People Marry! Parashat Va’eira

Reviving this oldie but goodie from 2010 as we pass from Va’eira into Bo’ … The Basics of Va’eira Diary on last week’s parshah, Shemot, by ramara Guide for the Perplexed: What’s a parshah? Here’s the full text of this … Continue reading

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The Jay Michaelson Project: February 22-23

Stop me if you’ve heard this one. Two married gay guys who both converted to Judaism decide to become b’nei mitzvah together and go looking for a social justice project. Being avid readers and devoted groupies of Nehirim, a national … Continue reading

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It’s Actually Happening

So if you missed the news, my husband and I are about to embark on our first trip to Israel. And not just any trip, but a Big Gay Trip. We’ll be tooling around the country for a little over … Continue reading

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Jewels of Elul 2011

Delighted to be blogging again this year for Jewels of Elul, which provides daily inspiration for a bit of soul work leading up to the High Holidays. They feature noted writers and leaders along with a daily sampling of more … Continue reading

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True Confessions of an Ortho-Curious Gay Reform Convert

Special note: It’s always a great honor to learn that your writing made a difference in someone’s life. So this one’s for you, Ed! Wishing you much happiness and a smooth ride on the road to full recovery! It Is … Continue reading

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