Resource Showcase

This page showcases free online resources: nuts-and-bolts, basic how-to’s of Jewish observance.

Learning Prayers and Blessings

Okay. You’re a Jew in training or a recent convert. You’re invited over for a Shabbat dinner, and your host asks you to lead the blessing over wine. Or bread. Or say the extended kiddush.

Ready? Go.

Kakatuv: Prayers Transliterated and Translated

One of the best sources you’ll ever find.

Friday Night Home Service (From

Vay’chulu & Magen Avot

Kiddush over Wine

Shalom Aleichem, a song to welcome the angels

Psalms for the Shabbat Evening Service – Carlebach Style

Psalm 96

Psalm 98

Psalm 29 (Mizmor l’David

Complete Shabbat Service from Temple Israel in Portsmouth, New Hampshire

Some of the Big Ones:

The First Parts of the Sh’ma:

The Blessing Over Candles, Soft and Sweet:

Shalom Aleichem, Greeting the Angels of Shabbat:

Birkat HaMazon, Grace After Meals

Printable sheet from a URJ source

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