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Romancing the Scroll

Reposting this from last year in honor of this week’s Torah portion, Ekev … So Here’s the Backstory. My husband and I are now devoted groupies of an organization called Nehirim, from a Hebrew word for “lights.” Founded by author … Continue reading

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Romancing the Scroll II

I think it’s official now, so I might as well admit it. My name is Michael, and I am a leynaholic. Leyn or leynen is an old Yiddish word that just means ‘to read,’ but when used in English, the word … Continue reading

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Learning to Love Leviticus: Parashat Vayikra

This post is dedicated to the memory of Steve Miller, one of our community’s Torah study leaders, who passed away unexpectedly around this time two years ago. We miss you, Steve. From the folks at G-dcast: I Didn’t Believe My … Continue reading

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The Jay Michaelson Project: February 22-23

Stop me if you’ve heard this one. Two married gay guys who both converted to Judaism decide to become b’nei mitzvah together and go looking for a social justice project. Being avid readers and devoted groupies of Nehirim, a national … Continue reading

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It’s Actually Happening

So if you missed the news, my husband and I are about to embark on our first trip to Israel. And not just any trip, but a Big Gay Trip. We’ll be tooling around the country for a little over … Continue reading

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Jewels of Elul 2011

Delighted to be blogging again this year for Jewels of Elul, which provides daily inspiration for a bit of soul work leading up to the High Holidays. They feature noted writers and leaders along with a daily sampling of more … Continue reading

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True Confessions of an Ortho-Curious Gay Reform Convert

Special note: It’s always a great honor to learn that your writing made a difference in someone’s life. So this one’s for you, Ed! Wishing you much happiness and a smooth ride on the road to full recovery! It Is … Continue reading

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