This Post Is Brought to You By The Word ‘And’

Part 1: I’m Not Sure Where to Start
Part 2: Shabbat in the Desert
Part 3: The Road to Jerusalem
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Looking over my writings so far, you’d think I had kind of a hard time in Israel. And I did. And I didn’t. The Israelis can be difficult to deal with and a joy to be around. The conflict is there all the time, and so is a thriving country of millions. The tension — and the knowledge that thousands of rockets are pointed at you all the time — are in the air you breathe and the water you drink, and it’s one of the most profoundly joyous places I’ve ever been in. The toughest moral dilemmas a country can face played out every day we were there and every day I was still high on all the energy, the intensity, the stubborn confidence. We’ve been back for a week already, and I still feel it.

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6 Responses to This Post Is Brought to You By The Word ‘And’

  1. rachel bar says:

    Love love love your blog! Just happened to read some yesterday. I am an Israeli atheist who’s been living in the States most of my life. Your perspectives are intriguing and well written!

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