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Intro to Judaism at

I’m a big fan of, which is a great source for commentary, recipes, and basic nuts-and-bolts learning about Jewish culture, history, and observance. Rarely have they put out content as good as this: a one-page hub linking to all … Continue reading

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Sim Shalom. Praying for Peace.

Judaism is pretty open to intercessory prayer — asking God, both in private and in public moments, to intervene in earthly events for healing, for peace, for justice. At the center of the daily liturgy, the Amidah (standing) prayers, are … Continue reading

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Oseh Ma’aseh v’Reishit

Nothing focuses the mind on the vastness and mysteriousness of God quite like the sights of the natural world. Most of the time, I live the belief that all of this came — in one way or another — from … Continue reading

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