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Psalm 126

This Psalm is straightforwardly post-exilic (for which see Sefer haWiki) but switches in its narrative perspective between before and after the return from Babylon, between gratitude and longing for return, helped by the profoundly non-linear mechanics of verbal tense and … Continue reading

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The Tower. A Midrash on Parashat Noah

I wrote this story four years ago, and it’s one I consistently love. Hope you also enjoy.  We thought we were special. Back when we were in Shinar, we could all understand each other, and everyone got along. But there … Continue reading

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Ki Tissa

Exodus 32:3-8 And all the people took off the gold rings that were in their ears and brought them to Aaron. This he took from them and fashioned it and made it into a molten calf. And they exclaimed, THIS … Continue reading

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Romancing the Scroll II

I think it’s official now, so I might as well admit it. My name is Michael, and I am a leynaholic. Leyn or leynen is an old Yiddish word that just means ‘to read,’ but when used in English, the word … Continue reading

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Poor Shmuel: A One-Act D’var Torah on Leviticus

Stop me if you’ve heard this one. A married gay couple in their forties, neither of them born in to Jewish families, decide to convert to Judaism. A few years after their respective trips to the mikvah, the ritual bath … Continue reading

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Learning to Love Leviticus: Parashat Vayikra

This post is dedicated to the memory of Steve Miller, one of our community’s Torah study leaders, who passed away unexpectedly around this time two years ago. We miss you, Steve. From the folks at G-dcast: I Didn’t Believe My … Continue reading

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Let My People Marry! Parashat Va’eira

Reviving this oldie but goodie from 2010 as we pass from Va’eira into Bo’ … The Basics of Va’eira Diary on last week’s parshah, Shemot, by ramara Guide for the Perplexed: What’s a parshah? Here’s the full text of this … Continue reading

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