Psalm 27

My being here is proof
Of vast conspiracies defeated
And all my varied longings come to this —
To stand, a broken, beating heart
And ask, and beg, just one more day!
A glimpse, a taste, a brush of love and glory
Of unknown miracles performed on my behalf
Of near escapes and second chances.
To feel the solid ground beneath my feet
And raise my head in spite of everything
And sing out loud!

And still I call out, ask
Is anybody there?
Or do I cry alone?
I think sometimes I hear
A voice within that says
I’m everywhere you look for Me.
And yet I’m so afraid —
Do I deserve to be heard?
Going along by the skin of my teeth,
And the seat of my pants,
Wasting so much love.

Maybe I can learn
A different way to be
A better path, around
The sinkholes, traps, false starts
And quicksand. Make
No enemies, invite
No bitterness. Have faith
In something. Find the good.
Find God where I am.

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  1. R.J. says:

    thanks for posting

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