Avot v’Imahot

These days, I am a channel for loose, chatty, non-dualistic English-language riffs on traditional liturgy, responding line by line to ancient impulses. Here is #1 of 19.

ברוך אתה יי אלהינו ואלהי אבותינו ואמותינ, אלהי אברהם, אלהי יצחק, ואלהי יעקב, אלהי שרה, אלהי רבקה, אלהי רחל, ואלהי לאה

We are humble and open before You, our God and God of our fathers and God of our mothers.

The call, the itch, the impulse hasn’t left a single generation unaffected, not since Abraham first heard a Voice, since Sarah laughed at God’s own Chutzpah. God of flawed, self-doubting leaders.

האל הגדול הגבור והנורא, אל עליון, גומל חסדים טובים וקונה הצל

The Omnipresent Point of Origin, Source of that nagging feeling that we are part of something bigger, more majestic and more wondrous than all of us and everything put together. Underneath, within, above, behind, beyond our senses and our silly tools.

Not some faraway unmoved Prime Mover. Not a chance. More like a cosmic Santa with a bulging bag of toys and burning need to give each kid the perfect one. Overflowing longing, love for everything that is, that was, that will be. 

וזוכר חסדי אבות ואמהות ומביא גואל לבני בניהם, למען שמו באהבה

The Omega Point,  ultimate repository of memory, all memories, all the ripple lines of all the rocks our mothers and our fathers tossed from the shore. And somewhere, somehow, someone will come along and help us make sense of it all. Maybe tomorrow, maybe a thousand, maybe a million years from now.

It will all fit together in some gorgeous cosmic puzzle. The love behind it all will be as plain as day. 

מלך עוזר ומושיע ומגן. ברוך אתה יי, מגן אברהם ועזרת שרה

Sovereign Spark of the Universe, Impulse that pulls all life towards entwinement. Source of birth and growth and restoration, source of shelter, shielding happenstance.

I am humble before You, oh God, Who looked out and looked ahead for our ancestors in their doubt and fear and fumbling. 

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